QuantaDose™ is the only UV intensity card meter that distinguishes between the sun’s natural UVA/UVB radiation and man-made sources of germicidal UVC wavelengths simultaneously.   More in-depth information on how to use a QuantaDose™ UVC Test Card to check if your UVC LED lights are real germicidal LEDs.  How to tell if UVC is working?

Increase the efficiency of UVC light disinfection and UV safety

When exposed to UVA, UVB and UVC wavelengths, the QuantaDose™ test card undergoes a gradual color change from light purple to dark purple that is directly related to the energy value received.

When exposed to UVC germicidal wavelengths between 250-275nm, the QuantaDose™ test card undergoes a rapid color change to green where fluorescence is directly related to the energy value received.

Also referred to as UVC Indicator Strip, UV Germicidal Test Strips, UVC Reactive Strips, UVC Dosimeter Strips, UVC Dosimeter Cards, UVC Intensity Labels, UVC Test Strips, UV-C Test Card, UVC Indicator Card, UVC Light Test Strips, UVC Detector, UVC Test Kit, UVC Visualizer Strips, UVC Visualizer Strips and most accurately called a Photochromic UVC Measurement Test Card.

The dual feature of the QuantaDose UV and UV-C test card is based on the principle of molecular change when excited with high energy wavelengths of light.

When the energy of a photochromic molecule absorbs energy from sunlight and ultraviolet light, the structure of the molecule changes and photons are reflected at a shorter wavelength, resulting change in the reflected light’s wavelength ultimately changes the color of the substance.

When the energy from sunlight or ultraviolet UVC light is released, the molecule returns to its original structure and the color returns to its original color. This temporary change in reflected light is what makes QuantaDose™ photochromic UVC measurement cards such a consumer friendly assessment tool by allowing them to be used over and over again.