STEP 1) Top UV Light Sensor Test Wavelength of UV Exposure: When exposed to UVC germicidal wavelengths between 222 – 280nm, the QuantaDose™ UVC test card undergoes an instant color change to green fluorescence displaying the letters UV-C.

STEP 2) Bottom UV Light Sensor Test Intensity of UV Exposure: When exposed to confirmed UVC wavelengths, the QuantaDose™ test card first displays the word “ULTRAVIOLET ” at approximately 300 µW/cm²; a gradual color change is directly related to the energy value received for visual reference only.

Step 2 temporary photochromic dosimeter color is used to check intensity after exposure and should be checked immediately after exposure for the most accurate UV intensity results. The test is completed in 15 secs; remove the card from the source!

QuantaDose™ 2nd Edition UVC Test Card

2 Card Package includes 1st & 2nd Edition Reusable UVC Test Cards for Only $15.00

QuantaDose UVC Filter Kit: 2x 2nd Edition UVC Test Cards, 1x Visible Light Magnifying UVC Filter, and 1x UV Proof Mylar Bag $26.99 $20.17



Designed and Engineered in the USA, the 2nd Edition Professional QuantaDose™ uses patent-pending photochromatic WPV (Word Power Visibility) technology to provide reliable UVC intensity readings in 15 seconds with instant notification of optimal UVC germicidal wavelengths. The QuantaDose™ UVC intensity test card relies on calibrated word legibility starting at 300 µW/cm² when the word ” ULTRAVIOLET” first becomes legible during exposure to optimal UVC germicidal wavelengths.

Fluorescence stops when excited electrons release all photos within nanoseconds after exposure.

The 2nd Edition Professional Grade QuantaDose™ UVC test cards are a basic, reliable, low cost, simple, in-house, and right out of your pocket method of monitoring UVC intensity along with verifying that the optimal UVC germicidal light wavelengths are being used in your disinfection process.

2nd Edition Differences

-Resilient PVC for Higher Power UVC
-Higher Card to Analyte Contrast
-Added UVC/UVB Color Scale Differential
-Batch Numbers For Quality Control
1st and 2nd edition QuantaDose™ cards both perform the same for general UVC analysis. The added durability of this 2nd Edition was designed for higher power commercial use.



  • QuantaDose™ specially formulated UV analyte chemistry is sensitive to only optimal germicidal UVC to ensure only germicidal wavelengths in Far-UV and UVC are shown by UV-C glowing green
  • 2nd edition professional test card is designed for high power UVC devices offering a higher card to analyte contrast on highly UV resilient PVC for high power exposure with aging/discoloration
  • 2nd edition QuantaDose™ UVC test cards include batch numbers for unprecedented quality control for UV analyte production and calibration
  • QuantaDose™ calibrated word legibility starting at 300 µW/cm² when the word ” ULTRAVIOLET” first becomes legible during exposure to optimal UVC germicidal wavelengths.


QuantaDose™ is easily the most versatile UV/UVC test card in the world!

These easy to use QuantaDose™ UVC Detection Cards give you what you need to start validating UVC light output from your untested UVC light sources. It’s not enough to trust the manufacturer’s specifications.  It would be best if you verified that the system of UV-C Light you’re entrusting the health and well-being of your family and loved-ones is functioning as advertised and produces UV light capable of deactivating germs and killing pathogens.

REQUIRED FDA NOTICE: Photochromic material used for UVC intensity testing should never be used to decide when to apply sunscreen to prevent a medical condition (sunburn) that requires classification as a medical device.  Please consult your doctor for sunscreen advice if you have questions about the sun’s UV intensity measured on your QuantaDose card.  QuantaDose should never be used as a medical device to assist you in when to apply sunscreen. 

QuantaDose photochromic material used has hundreds of off label uses, from detecting UV from the sun, UV science projects, detect counterfeit UV rated sunglasses, easily detect fake UV-C LEDs and badly degraded UVC bulbs.  The QuantaDose UVC indicator is useful for reptile owners that purchase UV lights for their pets to ensure a harmful light isn’t being used on them while still testing the bulb intensity levels.  You can even test what you think might be shaded from the sun’s UV rays by simply pulling out the QuantaDose card.  Did you pay to have your windows in your car and home to be shielded from the sun’s UV?  QuantaDose makes it easy to see if you got what you paid for!

However, please don’t lose sight of the most important reason the QuantaDose WAS created — to be a consumer’s front-line defense tool to ensure they use real UVC over the fake UVC products flooding online marketplaces today! 

QuantaDose is a versatile UVC test card with a wide-band photochromic test area that provides lots of useful information about these potentially harmful invisible rays of ultraviolet light.  The QuantaDose UVC test card has only one intended use; this is a two-part UVC test to verify UVC wavelength and easily visualize a minimum UVC power intensity in seconds.