Portable Personal Pandemic Countermeasures Package or 3PCP.    PPPCP just wasn’t a cool sounding acronym like 3PCP so there it is,  War On Flu’s  acronym for today’s most essential portable personal pandemic safety package.

The 3PCP provides you with two personal multi-purpose disinfectant generation systems, one with portable on-demand UVC light and the other through a non-toxic portable on-demand NaClO disinfectant water solution generator.

Both of these amazing hand-held sterilization devices are powered by readily available V5 USB power.

The Portable Personal Pandemic Countermeasure Package includes:

  • 1 x DunHome Portable on-demand NaClO Disinfectant Water Solution Generator
  • 1 x UVLamp Portable on-demand UVC Disinfectant Light Wand
  • 10 x Quantadose UVC/UV Test Indicator Cards
  • 1 x Bottle of 100, 10-200 P.P.M. Disinfectant Test Strips
  • 1 x UVC Safety Glasses (Always protect eyes and skin from UVC light sources)