DIY Disinfectant Manufacturing in a Bottle! In Only 2 Minutes!

Water and salt when combined in the correct way in the presents of electric current has a surprisingly effective, safe and cheap way produce a very powerful DIY disinfectant in just two minutes with DUNHOME Quanta Spray™!

That’s right, in just 2 minutes, the DUNHOME Quanta Spray™ is fastest Portable Sodium Hypochlorite Generator on the market.  The DUNHOME Quanta Spray™ creates an all-purpose cleaning spray that relies on the power of electrolyzed water to replace practically every other cleaning agent you normally buy.

When electrolyzed, water and salt turn into a solution of hypochlorous acid and sodium hydroxide, which acts as a remarkable detergent and disinfectant, perfect for killing viruses and bacteria, cleansing off harmful chemicals from food and even purifying the air of odors.

The technology all started in the 1800’s as it was known that chemical reactions can be induced by electricity, in a process known as electrolysis; Dr. Faraday published fundamental results on electrolysis in 1834.

Almost 200 year later this technology uses 5V USB power just like your smartphone, and the saltwater electrolyzer has been reduced in size to be portable and built into a handy spray bottle eliminating toxic landfill waste from non reusable bottles and empty jugs of bleach.

The DUNHOME Quanta Spray™ 100% Portable Disinfectant Generator creates an all-purpose cleaning solution that replaces the need for many carpet-cleaners, floor-cleaners, room-fresheners, car-fresheners and general disinfectants.

Needless to say, the DUNHOME Quanta Spray™ electrolyzed water eliminates the need to clean your house with chemicals that aren’t healthy… and the DUNHOME Quanta Spray™ Portable Disinfectant Generator, is a small, portable spraying device that can electrolyze and spray the water directly from within its hand-held, wireless form factor.

The DUNHOME Quanta Spray™ Portable Disinfectant maker, according to War On Flu, is offered to combat three areas.

Firstly, the use of toxic cleaners and disinfectants at home;

Secondly, the sheer number of plastic bottles bought, used and thrown every year; and

Thirdly, the amount of money wasted on different brands, solvents, and apparatuses to keep your house clean.

In its easy to use design, the DUNHOME Quanta Spray™ Portable Disinfectant Generator lets you mix regular water and regular table salt into a portable machine to electrolyze it into EO, allowing you to spray the electrolyzed solution of NaClO Sodium Hypochlorite onto everything from cars to carpets, curtains, counter-tops, floors, in the air, or anywhere where germs like bacteria, viruses, molds, and odor-particles find themselves.  The electrolyzed water can instantly kill most all harmful bacteria and viruses, while also breaking apart odor molecules to clean and purify products at home and work spaces.

The use of electrolyzed water as a disinfectant and sanitizer has existed for decades in the agricultural, medical, and scientific communities, but never in a device that’s portable and made for consumers in only 2 minutes such as the DUNHOME Quanta Spray™ until 2020.

The DUNHOME Quanta Spray™ Portable Disinfectant Generator scales the technology down and helps standardize it in a way where the electrolyzed water is always consistent in its potency.

The only drawback to electrolyzed water is the fact that it needs to be used the same day since it loses its potency if left standing for too long, but that is never a problem because the portable disinfectant generator can electrolyze saltwater in just exactly two minutes every time, giving you fresh, non-toxic, 100% natural, preservative-free disinfectant that replaces your need to constantly buy (and then subsequently throw away) multiple bottles of floor cleaner, air-freshener, sanitizer, detergent-spray, car-cleaner, utensil cleaner, or even bleach every single year.

The DUNHOME Quanta Spray™ Portable Disinfectant Generator comes with a built in low pressure spraying device, a USB charging cable, a 3 gram spoon to measure out the table-salt, and a year warranty on any manufacturing defects.

The electrolyzer module lasts for two to three years with regular use, and doesn’t require any additional solvents, capsules, or parts to keep it running.  Besides, it saves the earth, preventing harmful chemicals and plastic waste from entering the environment, and it saves you a fair bit of money too, given that you’re only using a couple of dollars worth of water and salt in an entire year!

DUNHOME Quanta Spray™ Portable Disinfectant Water Sprayer / Sodium Hypochlorite Generator

DUNHOME Quanta Spray™ Portable Disinfectant Generator uses electrolysis technology to electrolyze tap water with appropriate amount of salt, so as to generate sodium hypochlorite (NaClO) in the water. When NaClO is in water H2O, it will produce hypochlorite (HClO), which is a kind of weak acid with strong oxidation.  It can quickly kill bacteria and virus and  directly and play an important role in daily disinfection and sterilization.  When sprayed, it will combine with the carbon dioxide (CO2) in the air to form a completely harmless very small amount of sodium bicarbonate NaHCO.

Therefore, the appropriate concentration of sodium hypochlorite disinfection water has become a safe and reliable method of environmental protection (reusable bottle) and personal pandemic sanitation safety (Portable NaClO Generator). This product is quickly gaining recognition in America now, as in most China enterprises and household families use DUNHOME Quanta Spray™ everyday to sterilize and clean.

The basic information is as follows:

Uses semi-automatic spray with 0.03 mm micro-pressure, spray ultra-thin water sprays continuously and effectively


Health & Safe

No need to worry about buying disinfectant Homemade at home with a single tap hard times, invisible bacteria and germs breed indiscriminately, and you need to double disinfection when you go out at home.

Small Size & Portable

The DUNHOME Quanta Spray™ portable disinfection water generator allows you to bid farewell to the trouble of queuing up and not buying disinfection water. You can make disinfection water by using only salt and water to eliminate many kinds of bacteria in your home.

Easy Operation

Quickly electrolyzes salt and water to produce sterilized water put a spoonful of edible salt and 200ML tap water into the generator and mix it After being powered on, electrolysis for 2 minutes can be converted into high-efficiency disinfection water, non-toxic and no residue. After the electrolysis of water and common salt, sodium hypochlorite is produced.

Efficient Sterilization

Sodium hypochlorite disinfectant is recognized in the world as a highly effective bactericide, which can effectively kill various bacteria and viruses, and has a strong sterilization and deodorizing function.


General Type:Disinfection Water Generator Maker
Product Model: DUNHOME Quanta Spray™
Color: White
Specification Rated Voltage: 5V 2A
Input Voltage: 100-240V
Output Voltage: 5V 2A
Product Material: ABS
Manufacturing Capacity: 250mL
Weight & Size Product Weight: 0.27kg
Package Weight: 0.43kg
Product Size(L x W x H): 7.82 x 7.82 x 25.1cm
Package Size(L x W x H): 25 x 8 x 8cm
Package Contents 1 x Disinfection water generator
1 x Power Charging Cable

Input Power: 5V

Color: White

Dimension: 78.2*78.2*251mm

Produced Capacity: 250mL