It is a disinfection and purification machine for food.

To achieve this effect, this machine uses highly efficient ion technology. The water breaks down into OH- and H + during the process, giving rise to various chemical reactions, which help to eliminate a large part of pesticides and pathogens.

The hydroxide ion (OH-) actively attacks pesticides and bacteria.

Another part of the OH- ions combine with chloride ions present in the water to form hypochlorous acid, which breaks down and kills bacteria.

The machine uses a titanium alloy electrolytic chip, which generates high concentration hydroxyl radicals through electrolysis, destroying the molecular chain of pesticides, hormones and with a 99.99% bacteria removal rate.

It has a great capacity for action, and can be used in up to 7 liters of water.

It has 3 working modes, differentiating between raw materials, being meat, fruit and vegetables, and even grain and cereals.

The times of action vary according to what we want to purify, being 15 minutes in the case of meat, 12 for fruits and vegetables and 8 minutes for grains.

● 99.99% Sterilization Rate

● Micro-electrolytic Disinfection

● Hypochlorous Acid Purification

● Three modes for Multiple Uses

● Deodorizing and Keeping Fresh Nutrition

● Lightweight and Easy to Install

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Model: DH002
Material: ABS
Cleaner Types: Food Purifier
Cleaning Capacity: 7L
Operating Temperature:+5℃-+40℃
Power: <70 W
Output Voltage: 3-15V
Output Current: 3 A
Purification Mode:3 Modes
Dimension Product weight: 1.50 kg
Product size: 26.70 x 13.50 x 0.56 cm
Package Contents
1 x Food Purifier,1 x Manual