The Quanta Humidifier™ antimicrobial air humidifier uses all-natural air-cleansing agents when it creates an oxygen hydride mist that uses the power of hydroxide to purify the air of bad smells and bad germs with a diatomic anion chemical formula of OH−.

OH− consists of an oxygen and hydrogen atom held together by a covalent bond and carries a negative electric charge. It is an important and usually constituent of electrolyzed water.

H2O exposed to electrolysis causes a catalytic process that creates powerful antimicrobial hydroxyls, or hydroxyl ions (OH). Water (H2O) is split into Hydrogen Ions (H+) and Hydroxyl Ions (OH-).

When one of those ions is H+, the solution is acidic. When one of the ions is OH-, the solution is basic. When there are equal parts of Hydrogen Ions (H+) and Hydroxyl Ions (OH-) leading to a 1:1 ratio, pH is neutral (7).

The pure oxygen O1 molecules that are released are highly reactive and will readily combine with hydrogen (H) atoms that are found in the natural humidity in the air to make OH — hydroxyl radicals, which are, in turn, are used to create additional friendly oxidizers to purify the air.

These hydroxyl radicals are an extremely powerful antimicrobial air-purifying agent, even more so than ozone and without the undesirable side effects commonly associated with air cleaners whose primary method of air cleansing rely on chemicals or ozone.

The DUNHOME Quanta Humidifier™ antimicrobial air humidifier with the power of Oxygen Hydroxy Mist is the perfect home and office human-safe antimicrobial disinfectant air humidifier and purifier all-in-one to add to your system of personal pandemic countermeasures

The DUNHOME Quanta Humidifier™ antimicrobial air humidifier generates a disinfectant solution with an electrolysis process that causes a chemical reaction resulting in OH+, O, H+, OH- production using just regular tap water.

The Quanta product line lets you do away with many toxic wet wipes and other cleaning products that are not environmental-friendly, safe to breathe, and irritating to skin and eyes.

The cleaning power of Hydroxyl ions reverts back to normal water molecules without producing any harmful by-products at all.   Learn more about The Quanta Humidifier™ Antimicrobial Air Humidification System