dunhome-food-purifier-black-in-waterThe vegetables and fruits we get from the market are coated with pesticides, insecticides and other harmful chemicals. These chemicals do not get washed away completely by just water. As a result, we expose ourselves to the adverse effects of these harmful chemicals and pesticides which can lead to health problems and if that wasn’t bad enough, now we have a deadly pandemic sweeping the globe.

The DUNHOME brand continues with production of new innovative anti-pandemic technologies that revolutionize and simplify life in the home, office and when traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic. The new DUNHOME seven litre HOCl Food Disinfection and Purification Machine joins a growing family of DUNHOME sterilization devices launched in 2020.

As usual, the color of DUNHOME products that form the ecological chain (or ecosystem) of the DUNHOME brand is white and as always truly a very minimalist design. This new DUNHOME food disinfection and purification machine sanitation product manages to free you from a series of annoying steps to clean food correctly to ensure your family stays healthy.


As we see from the picture above the DUNHOME food purifier has two parts: one large (left) and one smaller (right). In fact, the smallest piece is the real sterilizer, which is connected to what we can call a large battery, into which we can store and power the small water electrolyzer that can be put into any bowl or sink containing up-to 7 litres of water.

The DUNHOME food disinfection and purification machine is equipped with three modes that allow you to disinfect different foods. Each mode has a preset time for purification: in just 8 minutes will be able to sterilize all types of cereals, in 12 minutes fruit and vegetables and 15 minutes for raw meats.


The sterilizer is a small square that resembles a kind of heater element at first look. The size comes in at 267 x 135 x 56 mm and weight at 3.3Lbs or 1.5 kg with a maximum power output of 70 watts. The amount of food (fruit, vegetables, cereals or meat) that can be cleaned at one time is 7 liters, following the description in the technical sheet.

Once the electrolyzer is immersed in water, part of the ions produced are attracted to the food wall rendering pesticides and pests harmless; while another chemically active ion created combines with chlorine in the water to form hypochlorous acid which destroys bacteria by oxidation at low PH levels.

Large-7L- HOCl-Food-Disinfection-Purification-Machine

In times of epidemic, invisible threats affect family health. The diets of babies, pregnant mothers and the elderly should entail prudently cleaning foods. This food disinfection and purification machine efficiently applies electrolysis to harmful residues of food ingredients, and eliminates a variety of bacteria, protecting food security for the whole family.

The device is a electrolytic cell that once introduced into a container with water next to food begins to generate a large amount of hydrogen ions, hydroxyl, hydroxide, hypochlorite and other oxidizing ions of great germicidal strength. This generates a striking foam that gives way to a second phase, in which the hypochlorous acid generated is responsible for attacking and destroying the cells of bacteria. RNA/DNA of viruses and chemical composition of pesticides.

As mentioned the DUNHOME work with and bowl or sink and has three different modes that will depend on the type of food to be disinfected (meat, vegetables and fruits, and seeds), and the acting time will be 15, 12 and 8 minutes respectively.

As specified by the DUNHOME manufacturer, the device capable of eliminate up to 99.99% of pesticides most commonly found on nearly all supermarket foods. Furthermore it is possible to eliminate such bacteria as E.coli, Staphylococcus and salmonella.



Against the backdrop of the increasing activity of the new coronavirus, all manufacturing companies are trying not to stay aside as much as they can, creating various devices to help destroy the infection. Dunhome is actively involved in this manufacturing process, already creating some of the most advanced technologies for non-pharmaceutical pandemic mitigation in 2020.

The Dunhome is a device capable of disinfecting food using high-performance ions and destroying up to 99.9% of all malicious microorganisms.

The science behind DUNHOME’s food disinfecting is based on the decomposition of H2O in OH (Hydroxide Ion) and H+ (Hydrogen Ion) during electrolysis of water. Hydroxide ions actively attack harmful microorganisms, destroy cell walls, which leads to disinfection. Hydrogen ions, in turn, interact with the chlorine ions contained in the water and form the hypochlorous acid HCLO, which is used for sanitary purposes. Chloroic acid kills all bacteria and viruses in seconds.

Traditional washing of food products can only remove dust and water-soluble pesticide residues. The Dunhome has a small grater-like screen made of aviation titanium alloy that allows mother natures best and safest disinfectants into action, from which a large number of free radicals are released by electrolysis. They successfully destroy the molecular chain of pesticides and effectively remove agricultural residues, and hormones used in the cultivation process among other substances not useful for humans.

We apologize if the technical terms or if the processes are not described with extreme precision. You can find a lot of information online about hypochlorous acid’s power to disinfect and kill germs, however only this DUNHOME model turns your kitchen sink into a powerful family size food sanitizer!